Several grants exist to help with the cost of training.  NOTE:  First Aid is often excluded from many grant funding projects as it is deemed 'core training' or 'compulsory training'. This means that either the employer or employee has duty to undertake these types of training to fulfil the responsibilities of their employment. As such, many grant funding schemes will not fund training which legally has to be undertaken.

This clause is often misinterpreted and First Aid training is not necessarily excluded in its entirety.  The exclusion is for core training.  As such, enhanced training - advanced courses above First Aid at Work or First Aid training which you elect to undertake without obligation from your employer - may, in many cases be entitled to some of the grant funding schemes.  

Our specialist courses such as Remote First Aid or Pre-Hospital Care courses are above the legal requirement so before you accept the blanket ban on all funding for First Aid training submit an application which explains your situation.

Individual learning Account

ILA Scotland is a Scottish Government scheme. 


Career Development Loan

A low interest loan to help with Vocational training. Loans are available for anyone in part-time or full-time education to help with the costs of training and or materials. Loans are available for 80% of the course fees or 100% if you have been unemployed for more than 3 months. Repayments are only made after your training is complete.

Career Development Loan


ReAct Funding

ReAct is a grant available to individuals who have either been made redundant in the last 6 months or is under notice of redundancy in Wales



Advanced Learning Loan

Advanced Learning Loans are low interest loansindividuals over 24 years for training courses at Level 3 or 4 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework


Business Link

50% funding (up to a maximum of £500) is available for some forms of training for business. 

Workforce Development Program (Wales) - quote "Direct Funding".


Awards 4 All

A big lottery funded program which includes funding for training as part of a larger bid for community, youth and voluntary groups.

Awards for All


Armed Forces Personnel: Standard Learning Credits

Every member of the British Armed Forces is entitled to £175 per year to put towards the cost of personal development courses.

Entitled service personnel are eligible to claim 80% of fees, up to a maximum of £175 per year, towards the cost of personal development courses. SLC and IRTC can be used together for resettlement courses in accordance with the DIN.

Funding must be applied for before enrollment or paying for the course as funding cannot be granted retrospectively.

Who to Contact:

  • BRITISH ARMY: Single Service Representative (SSR) Education Centre ETS Officers
  • ROYAL NAVY - ROYAL MARINES : Resettlement Information Officer (NRIO) Education & Resettlement Officer (ERO) Fleet Education Officer (FEdO)
  • ROYAL AIR FORCE: Personal Learning Adviser (PLA)

Download MoD Form 1950 here.