We offer a range of accredited pre-hospital care training courses designed to provide the learner with advanced skills, knowledge and understanding beyond basic First Aid skills.

First Person on Scene Intermediate
Level 3 Award
5 Days Classroom teaching
No post course learning

Ideal for:

individuals who needs to meet the minimum requirements for licencing with the SIA

Organisations who have identified ia need to train staff above First Aid at Work but you cannot release staff for extended periods of time.



    First Response Emergency Care
    Level 3 Award
    5 Days classroom teaching
    118 hours post-course leaning

    Ideal for:

    Individuals who wants to exceed the ‘minimum’ requirement for licensing with the SIA.

    Those who require a higher qualification than First Aid at Work and want a deeper understanding to increase your confidence and competence.

    Thise who are interested in a career in Pre-Hospital Care; this is the entry point before progressing onto the Level 4 Certificate 

    First Person on Scene
    Level 4 Certificate
    10 Days
    86 hours post-course learning

    Ideal for:

    Community First Responders looking to update your skills or those interested in becoming a Community First Responder.

    Organisations who have formerly subscribed to the Pearson FPOS-I and want to maintain the same provision, albeit at a higher level, for continuity.