Less PowerPoint - More To The Point

PowerPoint presentations can be a valuable learning tool but are too frequently relied upon too heavily by lazy trainers, becoming the default setting for all training courses:

  1. Load the presentation
  2. Read from the script.
  3. Any questions?

Most people who have endured this style of delivery recognise that not only is it inefficient, it can actually be detrimental to the learners, disengaging interest and reflecting poorly on the overall quality of the course.  Yet time and time again we see the same common faults:

  • The trainer reads a script which mirrors the slides word for word, giving the impression the trainer does not understand the topic, does not understand how to teach or simply cannot be bothered to teach from experience.
  • Each slide is crammed with text, making them a visual turn-off, countering their very purpose.
  • 'Novelty clip art' is used to break-the-ice but instead make the presentation look cheap and less credible.
  • The sheer quantity of slides leads to repetitious speak-and-click from the trainer, who is no longer teaching, merely narrating.
  • The rigidity of the script does not allow for any deviation or engaging conversation.

But is still happens on all kinds of training courses.  All over the world.

At REAL First Aid all of our courses are entirely PowerPoint free.

How can we do this with any credibility?

  1. We only use qualified teachers.
    We only use trainers with a Level 4 Certificate in Education or above, not someone who has merely completed a 5 Day "Train the Trainer" course.
  2. We only use experienced educators
    Our trainers are not only experienced in working with a variety of clients but can do so in a variety of setting inside and outside the classroom.  Our trainers have accrued significant experience getting their hands dirty in the field of their subject.  They are not just theorists.
  3. We use a variety of teaching techniques 
    There is more than one way to learn so we use more than one way to teach but are most well known for our immersive scenarios.
  4. We do something different
    We use a unique and engaging training style for classroom-based elements which allows for freedom, deviation, discussion and engagement.  And there is no written work for the candidate.
  5. We apply technology
    When use technology for the benefit of the student, not for the ease of the instructor.
    Find out more about how we use technology here.


We don't want to give away all of our secrets so to really understand, you have to come on one of our courses and experience the difference.