First Aid & Medical Articles

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Scene Management

Part 1:  The Accident Procedure

Part 2:  A Model for Rapid Triage - Coming Soon!



Part 1:  5 Basic Vital Signs

Part 2:  Pulse & SpO2

Part 3:  Blood Pressure

Part 4:  The Art of Questioning - SAMPLE 

Part 5:  The Art of Questioning - PQRST

Part 6 - Diagnostic Equipment

Casualty Positioning



CPR in Remote Environments

Oxygen Therapy - Less is more


Medical Conditions

Anaphylaxis  Under review - coming soon!

Use of Epi-Pens

Asthma  Under review - coming soon!

Chest Pain  Under review - coming soon!

Diabetes  Under review - coming soon!


Lyme Disease



Managing Musculoskeletal Injuries

Crush Injury

Pain Management

Spinal Injury in Remote Environments

Suspension Trauma

Burns Part 1:  Thermal Burns

Burns Part 2:  Special Cases


Environmental Issues

Hyperthermia - Heat Stroke & Heat Related Illnesses

Hyponatremia - the effects of over-hydration

Hypothermia - Remote Environment Guidelines

Travel Vaccinations