1001 Reasons


There is more than one reason to choose REAL First Aid:  Find out how we justify our claim to providing the best possible First Aid and pre-hospital medical training for remote, industrial and hostile environments.


0001 Quality Assurance

To begin with our teaching and business practices are measured against stringent national and international standards.  It's all very well saying we're different but you need to know that you are engaging with a credible training provider that will provide valid and recognised outcomes.


0010 Stealth Learning

At the heart of our business is rock-solid educational theory.  Whilst we pride ourselves on our unique approach to training it is not superficial novelty or fashionable gimmicks; our professional understanding and application of student centered learning ensures the most effective and engaging training.  Effortlessly.


0011 Scenario Based Training

We chose the company name "REAL First Aid" for a reason.  The best way to learn is to do it and the best way to do it is as realistically as possible.  All of our courses take the theory out of the classroom and provide opportunities for candidates to apply knowledge and skills in realistic, work-related scenarios to develop true understanding.


0100 Casualty Simulation

Casualty Simulation takes the concept of Scenario Training a stage further by introducing realistic visual stimulus.   This makes treating casualties easier (as you can see what you are treating as well as the outcomes) and can desensitise the candidate; preparing them for the realism of treating actual casualties.  All of our courses feature an element of casualty simulation but our more advanced courses include professional quality moulages and casualty prosthetics. 


0101 Less PowerPoint, more to the point

We love PowerPoint!  But only when it used effectively and unfortunately it rarely is.  None of our basic courses, including First Aid at Work feature slideshow presentations.  Step away from the tedium of watching a trainer read a script and get involved in practical training.


0110 Technology:  Applied

We avoid an unnecessary reliance on PowerPoint but embrace technology when it can be applied to add value to learning.  Here are some examples of how we use technology in outdoor environments to provide the best possible education experiences.


0111 Stay Connected

When you leave us, the learning continues.  We employ several channels to provide you with regular updates including the latest developments in First aid and pre-hospital care as well as drip-feeding you with short articles. for as long as you want to receive them.

Things change and three years is a long time to go between training - regular exposure helps prevent knowledge fade and ensures that while your certificate may be gathering dust, your abilities remain fresh.


1000 Our Clients

This all sounds great.  But how do you know these ideals mean something in the real world?  Here are just some of the organisations who have benefited from a different way of learning.


1001 Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, read what some of our previous candidates think of how we do things.