Consultancy and Bespoke Training

Consultancy and bespoke training brings tailor made expertise and critical, objective advice and guidance to your organisation.  REAL First Aid specialises in the training, management and preparedness for those who work in remote, industrial or hazardous environments.

We use a small cohort of personally known skilled and talented experts, not generic Health and Safety trainers.  Our colleagues come from a diverse range of backgrounds ranging from loss prevention in the petrochemical industry through to close protection in hostile environments.

Consultancy can provide advice and guidance in the following areas of emergency management:

scenario planning.gif


  • Risk assessment

  • Risk reduction


  • Scenario planning

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Health & Safety and legislative compliance

  • Communication Plans

  • Equipment


  • Scenario exercises

  • Table-top exercises

  • Recording & Reporting

  • Scenario exercises

  • Emergency Operating Plans

  • Pre-Hospital medical treatment

  • Major incidents

  • Search & rescue


  • Evacuation

  • Crisis Management

  • Review and Debriefing


We can work seamlessly with your organisation and partner agencies to ensure the service you receive is tailored exclusively to your needs.

Read more about the Consultation Process here.

For more information, contact us directly for an honest, objective chat or read about the ways Consultancy can help your organisation.