This practical, scenario based course affords candidates the opportunity to practice skills and contextualise theory in realistic situations.

The two-day (16 hour) course draws on the most recent peer-reviewed evidence for the initial treatment of injuries and illnesses in remote areas.  As such, some protocols would not be appropriate in an urban setting.

Course content is based on current guidelines published by:

  • UK Resuscitation Council

  • National Institute of Clinical Healthcare Excellence

  • Joint Royal College of Ambulances Liaison Committee

  • Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care

  • Wilderness Medical Society

  • currently accepted guidance and best-practice from advisory bodies and published evidence for the treatment of First Aid in a remote or wilderness context.

Designed expressly for those who work or play off far from help, this  course satisfies the criteria for First Aid training for all Outdoor NGB qualifications including MLT, British Canoeing, Canoe Wales, NCLA, and RYA.

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Course Contents

Courtesy of Paul Kirtley / Frontier Bushcraft

Courtesy of Paul Kirtley / Frontier Bushcraft

  • Scene Management

  • ABCDEFG - Incident Protocol

  • Airway Opening & Safe Airway Position

  • Choking

  • Heart Attack & Angina

  • CPR - remote protocols

  • Defibrillation in remote environments

  • Serious Bleeding

  • Hypovolaemic shock

  • Management of Head Injuries

  • Management of Spinal Injuries

  • Management of Bone & Joint Injuries

  • Monitoring Vital Signs

  • Hypothermia & dehydration - remote protocols

  • Hyperthermia - remote protocols

  • Asthma - remote protocols

  • Anaphylaxis - remote protocols

  • Diabetes

  • Epilepsy

  • Drowning

  • Triage

  • Communication Help



This course is continually assessed with formative feedback throughout.



On successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a Certificate for this 16 hour Remote First Aid course, valid for 3 years.



Training can be delivered here in Pembrokeshire or at your venue.   Because of the practical nature of the course it is ideally delivered with access to the normal or anticipated working environment of the candidates.



This course is delivered on demand subject to a minimum of 6 candidates.

Course Prices
Course Duration Individuals 6 People (15% Discount) 7-9 People (20% Discount) 10-12 People (25% Discount)
Remote First Aid 2 Days £180.00 £153.00 £144.00 £135.00

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