CPD Articles

These articles reflect the wider issues of First Aid and Health & Safety.  Remember, all articles you read, including those published on line, constitute as Continual Professional Development so read them and record them.

This information here is free to use.  If you do use any information here, please credit Real First Aid and link back to the this website.  Thank You.


2010 Resuscitation Changes

A simple guide to the changes featured in the 2010 Resuscitation Guidelines.


2013 HSE Approval Changes

With the removal of the HSE's Approval Process for Training Providers who want to deliver the First Aid at Work courses, how do you ensure you choose a credible, legitimate Training Provider?


Anatomy of a Disaster

This case-study of a tragedy at an Activity Centre demonstrates how serious consequences are not just borne from one simple mistake, but from the culmination of several, smaller failings.   


Continuing Professional Development

What is it, why do it and how?


Employers First Aid at Work Legislation

Guidance on employers responsibilities to the First Aid at Work act.


Fatality Statistics

Know what you are preparing for.


First Aid & The Law Part 1:  Duty of Care

First Aid & The Law Part 2:  Can I Be Sued?

First Aid & The Law Part 3:  The Rest of the World

First Aid & The Law Part 4:  Insurance


First Aid Kits for the Workplace

Understand the new BS8599 First Aid Kits for the Workplace.


Guide to the First Aid Needs Assessment

How to complete a First Aid Needs Assessment - a legal duty for your business.


How to choose a Training Provider

With every company claiming to be the best, how do you choose a Training Provider?


How to Report an Incident

How to provide relevant, succinct information using ETHANE and ASH-ICE.


Medic Courses - A word of warning

With such a range of commercial 'Medic' courses available, understand what you are getting and what the qualification means.


Medicines - Handling and Administering

Sometimes we may find ourselves responsible for other people medicine or even administering.  This article details best practice to ensure protection for yourself and safety for the casualty.


Medicines - Licensing

What are the different categories of medicine licensing and how do they affect the drugs we have access to?


RIDDOR - Reportable Occupational Diseases

Occupational Diseases, Infections and Illness to be aware of in the workplace.


Should I have a Defibrillator on my premises?

With increasing public awareness of AEDs, are you liable for not having a defibrillator available?


What to do after First Aid at Work?

There are a myriad of courses one can attend beyond First Aid at Work, some more appropriate than others, some more credible than others.   Here is a structured look at a possible development pathway beyond First Aid at Work.