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How to set up a Medic Bag

5 Ways a Mobile Phone can save your life

Cling Film - the Next Generation...

Cling film has long been extolled as an ideal material for improvised First Aid, but there is something better.

Defibrillator Buyers Guide

A breakdown of factors to consider when choosing a defibrillator and the vital statistics of currently available devices.

First Aid Kits

Basic guidance for what should be in your First Aid kit.


Haemostatic Agents

A brief guide to Quikclot, Celox and Hemcon; their uses and limitations

How to set up a Buoyancy Aid for Coasteering

The Ideal 'Adventurers' Watch

Is the 'best' watch necessarily best when working in remote, hostile or industrial environment?

Laryngeal Airways

An introduction and review of the LMA, I-Gel and LT airways

Medicine Cabinet

Aside from your First Aid Kit, what over-the-counter medicines are available for the casualty in a remote environment?

Mobile Apps for the Pre-Hospital and Remote Medic

Here are some of the best Apps for iPhone and Android for pre-hospital care workers, medics, rescuers and First Aiders.

Oxygen and Defibrillation

Packaging Hypothermic Casualties

Rescue Knife or "Tuff Cut" Shears?

Should we rethink the obligatory Rescue Knife in our outdoor kit?

SAM Splints

How to use malleable splints to maximum effect

Super Glue for Closing Wounds?

Tablets and EBooks for Remote Medics

What to look for in a Tablet device, how to maximise its use for the role of a Remote Medic and our favourite EBooks.

The Joy of Tape

Tape is awesome.  One of the most common questions asked is "What is your essential bit of First Aid kit?"  This is ours.

Use of Tourniquets

One of the most contentious issues in civilian First Aid is the use of Tourniquets.  Can we use them?  On who, why and how? 

Urban Survival Kits

Preparing for Natural Disasters and Major Incidents