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  1. People forget
  2. Things change

Things change and three years is a long time in between training courses if you only refresh your skills when your certificate needs renewing.  We want to keep you engaged: to help you retain your new found knowledge and understanding for longer.

We will also keep you updated with the latest changes and developments in First Aid and Pre-Hospital Care.  We work hard to do both of these by bringing you short, succinct and easily digestible updates in the following ways.

1.  Articles

We regularly produce original articles on a variety of related subjects, drawing on the latest research which complement our training programs:

2.  Social Media

Whichever channel of social media you prefer, keep up to date with the latest articles and news with our profiles:

Our promise:  While we will let you know of up and coming public courses, we never use social media for the hard sell.  You will not receive multiple, duplicated posts advertising our courses.  

3.  Newsletter

If you prefer direct email, subscribe to our Newsletter.   We aim to put out one every two months; just enough to keep you informed - not enough for you to tire of us.  No spam.  Never.