Consultancy Process

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Stage 1 – Consultation

First Contact

We will discuss your exact requirements and explain in more detail how Consultancy can help you and your organisation.  You will be able to ask questions freely to ensure that together we are able to realise your needs.


Observing your current processes and systems will provide us with a thorough understanding of your working processes and establish what training or services are needed and how they can be implemented.  Observation may also be taken of staff in a normal working environment or simulated emergency scenario.


You will receive a comprehensive and considered proposal, unique to your specific needs and situation.   You will be able to examine it at your leisure with no obligation.

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Stage 2 – Implementation


You will receive a pre-course briefing for those involved to ensure everyone understands what is happening and why.  This essential stage of inclusion has proven long term benefits to the success of the project

  1. ensuring the process and reasoning is understood
  2. ensuring everyone feels included and valued
  3. allowing questions to be answered
  4. ensuring everyone is prepared


You will receive a complete development process, including all training materials, tailored to your needs.  Practical exercises will be recorded with multi-view point video for review and feedback.  Written details will also be captured and included in the summative report.

Review & Feedback

Following the delivery, you will have the opportunity to a thorough feedback and review session to enable us to gather thoughts and opinions on the program and its outcomes.   This may take place immediately following the training or scenario exercises or a period of time later to allow the experience to be consolidated.

Stage 3 – Post-Delivery

Analysis of feedback

Results of the feedback will be analysed so that we can cater to the new needs of you and your organization.   This process also enables us to review our successes to ensure we are giving you our very best.


We will contact you regularly to ensure that following the delivery of the course, ongoing assistance is available to you, to maximise your experience as your situation or needs change.

Final Report & Recommendations

You will receive our final report, detailing the whole process for your records, and our recommendations for further training and success.

You will also receive a DVD of recorded scenarios as well as debriefing notes to facilitate dissemination of the activities and outcomes within your organisation.

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