Tips & Tricks


Here are our favourite Tips & Tricks for remote and austere environments.  This section is fairly new so subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we add more over the next few weeks.


BVM Hack for Children and Infants

What to do if you do not have a child or infant BVM

Improvised Inflatable Splint

Find out how to provide the best possible care for limb injuries with three bits of kit.


Nasal Cannula for Eye irrigation

A safe, effective technique for low pressure irrigation of both eyes.


Improvised Pelvic Splint

How to recognise and manage a pelvic injury when far from help.


Emergency Rectal Rehydration in Remote Environments

How do we hydrate an unconscious, vomiting or hypovolaemic casualty?  In an ideal world they will receive IV or IO fluids.  In extremis, they may need a CamelBak.


Improvised Rucksack Stretcher

How to safely move a casualty, working with only what you have got - and more importantly, when you would or would not choose to do so.


The Big Syringe

Why every Medic bag should include a big syringe.



More than just useful for keeping your hands clean - here are some improvised uses for gloves.


Heliograph Otoscope

A low-tech solution for getting a better view of things.