"I don’t often endorse other peoples training but from the feedback I have received from others and from the growing reputation that Adam is getting for the quality of his work and my personal belief that this is what first aid training should be about, I am making an exception. I would like to see all first aid taught like this because for non-professional medics it is the quality of the training experience that will make the difference when a critical incident which generates casualties occurs.  When stress increases and we are required to react then we put on the boxing gloves of panic because our logical brain gives way to our limbic brain and it is the accuracy of those scenario driven exercises which will help people to overcome and bring about a positive outcome."

Dave Connell
International Survival Consultant and Co-Founder of Exmed Ltd


"His knowledge of the medical world is simply outstanding an breathtaking, but I was most impressed with the way Adam taught the class. It was a breath of fresh air. Anyone can spiel off PowerPoint but Adam used his own technique which was a lot more interesting and easier to take in. I can't recommend or speak highly of Adam enough."

Chris Taylor
FPOS-I course 


"Our memory favors fun and stimulating experiences.  If someone were to sit down and try to design a perfect first aid course, they would fall short of the delivery through Real First Aid.  I have been on a few 'outdoor' first aid courses - this not only changed my perception of what first aid is about, but altered my understanding of how to teach effectively"

Emma Rose Metcalf
REC Emergency First Aid course


“If your idea of a comfortable training course where you sit and watch PowerPoint before collecting the notes and going for coffee and muffins, you won't like Adam's style". 

"I have used Real First Aid several times to deliver outdoor and adventure based first aid courses. You don't get a chance to sit still for very long, the emphasis is about action and practice. You can be cheeky, but expect it back. You can ask serious questions and they'll answer them knowledgably. Between these two extremes you will learn a great deal. Highly recommended.” 

Matt O'Brien
REC Emergency First Aid course


"Having done one before that was up for renewal (with a different provider) I hadn't expected to learn much new. How wrong I was!  The thoroughly in-depth knowledge combined with creative delivery meant the course was a breath of fresh air and although the topics were familiar, it felt completely new too.  I never knew first aid could be this much fun!  What really topped it for me was that they welcomed questions specific to our individual working environments which I have found invaluable and definitely made me better outdoor instructor and overseas expedition leader"

Cat Cameron
REC Emergency First Aid course


It is difficult to say if its Adam's outstanding approach to instruction or his vast depth of knowledge on the subject matter, but I was massively impressed with the FPOS course he provided for Perseus Risk and would recommend him to anybody as a first rate instructor. Not only did I learn a lot about first aid but I truly enjoyed a course which could be bogged down with a multitude of PowerPoint presentations."

"Everyone else who attended his course said the same in discussion after the sessions and went on to say that he was the best instructor they had ever had in terms of first aid, something I can only agree with. I will be recommending him and his courses to my friends and colleagues within the industry I work in.

Ryan Steer
FPOS-I course


"I have attended several first aid courses over the years and like most people, I find it increasingly difficult to stay awake, let alone take in the important information.   This course was great, he kept you on the edge of your seat and wide awake. I truly believe that I have learnt first aid for the first time"

Anthony Jobson
First Aid at Work course