Casualty Simulation

Casualty Simulation takes the concept of Scenario training a step further by introducing the visual stimulus.

It is all very well pretending to treat a injury but the only way to prepare thoroughly is to actually treat that injury:

  • To find the injury which may not be obvious

  • To visually assess the severity of the injury and act on ones findings

  • To apply appropriate treatment directly to the injury

  • To assess the effectiveness of your actions following treatment

  • To recognise how far blood and other body fluids can be spread and the consequence of contamination

All of our courses are heavily biased towards scenario based training but our Remote First Aid and First Responder course incorporate professional Casualty Simulation. 

REAL First Aid can provide professional Casualty Simulation services as part of a coherent training program or as a standalone service to compliment any private or multi-agency event.

Realistic Casualty Simulation adds lasting value to a number of training and development exercises or media production including:


  • Film & TV

  • MAJAX training

  • Incident response training

  • Health Promotion

  • First Aid refresher training days

  • Health & Safety workshops

  • NGO and Primary Health Care

Contact us to find out how we can support your training needs with a casualty simulation experience that you will never forget.